SUNDAY Ecstatic Dance

Multiple Sessions

Venue Details

The Yoga Barn
Jln. Raya Pengosekan
Ubud, Bali, 80571

SUNDAY Ecstatic Dance

Multiple Sessions

Sunday Ecstatic Dance | 11.30 AM - 1:30 PM

15th May featuring DJ MA

Malaika is an international movement facilitator, bringing a wealth of earth wisdom, having walked the Shamanic path for a lifetime. Known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner-body spirituality, helping people access higher realms of consciousness, authenticity and self-love. "I love to create sacred ceremonial spaces where people can dance ecstatically in wild abandon and remember their connection to their roots, the Earth, their ancestors, each other as human beings and come home to that sweet sacred spot of the heart." 

Sunday Ecstatic Dance | 11.30 AM - 1:30 PM
Book your PRIORITY spot online for FREE & then purchase your wrist ticket on-site the day of the event.
NOTE:  If you see “SOLD OUT,” this means on-line pre-sales are sold out, but you can still try your luck for a walk-in spot on the day!  We hope to see you on the dance floor!

Megatix reservations are given priority only until 11:15 am. 
For priority entrance to dance UPSTAIRS, you must RESERVE IN ADVANCE & then pay for your Wrist Ticket at the Yoga Barn Lower Reception by 11:15 am!  Wrist Tickets NOT purchased by 11:15 will no longer be considered priority and your reservation will be shifted to WALK-IN/WAITLIST.**

Please note that the UPSTAIRS STUDIO (STUDIO NYOMAN) has limited capacity and once that capacity is reached you will be relegated to the downstairs studio.  TO ACCESS THE UPSTAIRS, RESERVING IN ADVANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

**KITAS rates & class cards or any kind are NOT ACCEPTED**

**KITAS rates & 3 / 5 / 10 / 20 class cards accepted. Unlimited class cards are NOT ACCEPTED**


  • Pre-reserve your space upstairs in advance, pay at reception the day of event
  • Pay by cash or credit card or use a 3/5/10/20 class card to dance downstairs
  • Unlimited Class Cards are NOT ACCEPTED Ecstatic Dance, no exceptions


For last-minute updates about Ecstatic Dance, please join the YB Facebook Group or check our online schedule for the current schedule to see if this class has been removed/canceled. 
Please check our online schedule for the current schedule to see if this class has been removed/canceled.

Each Sunday, in addition to Ecstatic Dance there is an amazing array of classes to choose from and you can stay after dance for our home-cooked Balinese Buffet lunch at Garden Kafe.

  • 85K++ for adults
  • 50K++ for kids

Don't forget to enjoy our saltwater pool @ The Nest.  The perfect cool-down after dance!  Entrance Fee:  50k (includes pool towel)

What is Ecstatic Dance? 

Ecstatic Dance is a global movement active around the world and was launched for the first time in Bali in 2009 by Yoga Barn co-founder Charley Patton.
The Yoga Barn Friday Ecstatic Dance is an all-ages community gathering where you can simply BE yourself and experience freedom through the rhythms of global beats and movement.
Please, come as you are to experience this substance-free, uplifting and happy space of dance and free movement - let your inhibitions melt away.  

Ecstatic Dance Etiquette & Health Protocols

During Ecstatic Dance at the Yoga Barn, our DJ will set the mood for you to experience your inner magic through free-form movement.  
Please respect the following Etiquette & Protocols to keep the dance floor a safe space for all members of our Ubud community.


  • Consider your physical condition before entering The Yoga Barn. If you feel unwell with a slight fever, cough or cold, please refrain from joining classes until you feel better.
  • Wash your hands before entering the Dance Floor and consider bringing a small towel for your sweat. You will sweat! 


  • Leave your shoes downstairs. Dance barefoot
  • Choose to dance upstairs or downstairs, there are two dancefloors to choose from
  • Clothes are to be worn – no nakedness please
  • Keep the dance floor safe for everyone.  NO CONTACT without consent
  • Respect the space of other dancers, leave room for others to move
  • Dance Silently. There should be NO TALKING on the dance floor; whispering on the porch is ok
  • NO PHONE CALLS.  Leave your phones turned off please
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY & NO VIDEOGRAPHY of the dancing crowd unless agreed to by the management in advance
  • NO Alcohol or Drugs permitted

Please accept that The Yoga Barn Security will perform a temperature check on your wrist at the parking lot. Appreciate them, they are doing their job
ECSTATIC DANCE is an internal experience. Dance yourself free & let go, no need to try and impress others, this experience is all for you.  ENJOY!


Venue Details

The Yoga Barn
Jln. Raya Pengosekan
Ubud, Bali, 80571