Explore North Bali Tour


Wed 19 June | 11:00 PM
Bali, Indonesia

Explore North Bali

Gitgit Waterfall, Wanagiri Hidden Hills, Ulan Danu Temple, Handara Gate

Explore the astonishing nature and culture of Bali

The adventure begins with the Gitgit Waterfall. While you’re walking amongst the stunning rice paddies, you can have a look at all the cute markets full of typical Balinese souvenirs. When you arrive at the Gitgit Waterfall, you can swim right up to the intensity of the falls. Also, you can chill in the pools at the bottom of the rocks.

After you’re all freshened up and had lunch, you’re going to the magical Handara Gate. Indulge your eyes with the breathtaking view of the green scenery and the nice background of the hills between the gates that creates a perfect experience.

Next stop, the Ulan Danu Temple, the floating temple. The lake, where the temple is located, gives a mystical atmosphere. Once you are at the temple, take your time and enjoy the beauty of this temple.

We’ll end this tour with a visit to the Wanagiri Hidden Hills. This beautiful spot has an outstanding view where you can see the Twin Lake. You can make a lot of pictures at the cute lookout platforms like ‘bird nests’ or jump at one of the swings and you won’t ever forget Your Bali Experience!