NewEarth Festival 2019


Wed 19 June | 09:00 AM
Newearth Haven

NewEarth Festival & World Health Sovereignty Summit 

June 19-25th Bali Indonesia 

Join us in creating a new world that transcends fear, time, and money into art, beauty, and consciousness. 
The festival will host a 3-day World Health Sovereignty Summit with a line up of International speakers addressing global weaponization of health & the biosphere. 

Festival Schedule
19th June                           : Balinese-style Grand Opening Ceremony with local & international dignitaries
20th-22nd June                : The 3 Day World Health Symposium with a lineup of international speakers
23rd-24nd June                : 2 Day Seating of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Health &  Biosphere;
25th June                           : Spectacular Grand Closing Ceremony

We'll be hosting a myriad of workshops and international speakers throughout the festival. Speakers and activists such as Sean Stone, Russell Simmons, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Humble, Sacha Stone, Mallence Bart-Williams, Dr. Jeff Levin, Dr Sandra Rose-Michael, Jeffrey Smith, Dr David Martin and many more.

We will also be showcasing the New Earth Fashion Show, and the grand opening of the New Earth Market - full of vendors and food from the Ubud and greater Bali area - as well as acoustic and spoken word performances from guests all across the world.

International artists, healers, performers and thought-leaders will be joined by elders and multi faith spiritual leaders to gather together and hold ceremony in honor of humanity rising.

Only consciousness-in-action can bring about lasting change, by anchoring patterns of perfection in our beautiful world.