Future Design Week: Sustainism Lab x Eco Mantra


Sun 19 May | 03:00 PM
Desa Potato Head Bali

Sustainism Lab

Is a hub for zero-waste innovation. Sustainism Lab’s journey began with the opening of Ijen, the first zero-waste restaurant in Indonesia. The Lab has enabled Potato Head to share both ideas and best practices for achieving this initiative, but also to research and develop new methods of upcycling materials.

Eco Mantra

Maitri Fischer and Sean Nino Lotze grew up in Bali during the 1980s and ‘90s, a simpler time when the natural beauty and magic of island was everywhere. In 2014, the duo founded Mantra, an environmental consulting company that focuses on the tourism industry. The team consists of specialists from Indonesia and abroad who help property owners build more sustainably.

Eco Mantra makes it easy for properties to become sustainable by measuring and improving resource consumption, developing standards for ecological engineering design and construction, and providing green building certification.

Future Design Week

Is a seven-day event bringing together an array of local and international creatives for a series of exhibitions, installations, talks and workshops which highlight how design can be a driving force in building a better future.