Sacred Sexuality and Relationship for Women with Leah Santa Cruz


Sat 15 June | 09:00 AM
The Yoga Barn
As women, our bodies are intelligently designed for orgasmic states of living, but past traumas, unconscious shame and fears diminish our ability to experience this birthright. It’s time to reclaim the FULL power of your feminine nature, shed your blocks and liberate your Queendom! Experience the passionate, sensual and conscious relationships you’ve dreamed of.

In this workshop you will:
  • Discover ways to experience extraordinary love and own your sensuality 1000% - experiencing more satisfying and pleasurable relationships. 
  • Explore how to trust your intuition amidst competing pressures and spiritual ideals.
  • Learn the steps to attract the conscious relationship you desire and and increase passion.
  • Discover how to create an intentional monogamous relationship that works as a powerful pathway to spiritual growth for both parties.
  • Explore ways to lower conflict and co-dependency in your relationship, transforming toxic patterns.
  • Discover trauma release therapy as a means to release past traumas and energy blocks in your body.