Siluet Bali


Fri 11 January | 03:00 PM
Joshua District


Our vision is to support local artists, culture & offer an international exposure with a groovy vibe from day to sunrise!

To have a family of creators come together to inspire others to bring out the creativity within. To speak a language that everyone can understand filled with a minimal house music vibe. To bring us together with an undeniable power of sound. Music is inside every one of us but some use or create it as an artistic expression. A visual and sound experience unlike any other.

Colours and shapes using minimalistic geometric forms, put together as a puzzle creation that each of us can visualise from our own perspective. We will leave space for your creativity to be a part of ours.

A quote used by Joshua District  as a trigger for awareness! Be here and look around you!
You look but do you see? Let’s take care of this magic world we are living in and celebrate life, happiness and joy. Let’s manifest this in each one of us and spread this into the world. Be aware and care! If you do care, others will too. You have this power, you just have to believe! Recycle, dream, create, allow yourself to be a kid again. Listen and dance!

Food is needed. Different people, different taste. It is all here! Vegan or not! We are all one!