SuperMoon Conscious Party X Hoda Fadel + Deep Shift


Tue 10 March | 04:00 PM
Newearth Haven

Come a little closer,
You’re in for a treat.
An enchanted journey inwards,
With just a hint of sweet.

SuperMoon Conscious Party invites you to surrender to temptation.
A sacred journey into the heart of the full moon, a gathering to awaken your soul.

Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Don't feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit! This is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as you fully recognize your splendor. You are a sacred being who defies gravity every day just by being alive and brings a sense of balance and equality in the world.

Follow me to the bonfire…
Our journey begins with Sacred Cacao, the alluring elixir of love, in a fiery ceremony of community and connection.
This is our activation, our anchoring and our codes, our guidance into the night to come.

Take my hand, let’s sink a little deeper…

Now sparked with fire and alive with breath, we descend from ceremony into the dance floor.
An awakening, a remembering, a mystical reckoning, emerging.
Together we celebrate with two and a half hours of deep & sensual ecstatic dance, a journey guided by the seductive beats of Hoda Fadel.

Now close your eyes and exhale gently…

After sweating our prayers onto the dance floor, we slow right down and take our final journey of the night. A sound healing and meditation to ground your intentions, drop into your soul and bathe in the pure magnificence of everything that you are.

The bonfire continues to alight our hearts all night long.

Welcome to our family, we can’t wait to play, dream and create.

PLEASE NOTE: Akasha Restaurant will NOT be serving any alcoholic beverages during this event!

4.00PM Handstand, Acro Yoga Play
6.30PM - 730PM Cacao Ceremony with Shiva Rajaya
7.30PM -10.00PM Ecstatic Dance with Hoda Fadel
7.30pm -10pm Chillout at Akasha Restaurant & Bonfire
10.00PM - Sound Healing with Kalilah,Deep Shift & Svara
11PM -3Am AfterHours X Akasha

About Hoda Fadel
Having carved her way from the club DJ circuit into the expansiveness of the Ecstatic Dance arena, Hoda Fadel curates electric musical arcs through her sets conjuring up a love story with being alive in a human body, where celebration becomes a sacred and synarchic ritual. She likes to push the dance landscape to its wild edges, with deep and stirring warmups, intensifying buildups leading to cathartic and euphoric heights and then an inward snuggle with a final peak into the heart.

About Deep Shift
Deep Shift is a sound healing modality created by musician and yoga teacher Joel Beauchamp which uses principles borrowed from Yoga Nidra, Indian Classical Music, Modern Ambient Music and various alternative healing practices to guide the listener into a hypnagogic, or waking dream, state.

Principles of music theory from both the east and the west, as well as modern techniques of sound manipulation help to guide the listeners inner journey towards specific intentions, emotions or memories. In this way participants are able to access deep states of relaxation, meditation and self-exploration which can help guide them in their journey towards growth or healing.

Pre-sale tickets: 200k.
Ticket price at the Door: 250k.

Get them now at Sayuri Healing Food, Muse Cafe & Art, Bali, Revive Bali New Earth shop JL Dewisita or get them online at

Free shuttle service is available via registration ONLY at (Registration closes at 3:30PM 19 FEB)

Shuttle service starts at 4.30pm from Pura Dalem Puri and Bintang Supermarket and 9pm to 11pm from Akasha back to Ubud. You will receive a shuttle voucher upon taking the shuttle to Akasha, this voucher will be needed for the return ride. Return shuttle only available with a voucher!