Kintamani Cycling | 360 Bali Explore
Bali, Indonesia

See the Authentic part of Bali on your bike

We’ll start the tour from a traditional place: Luwak Coffee Tastery. Here you will taste the most popular coffee on Bali. The taste and strength of kopi Luwak Coffee depends on the type of coffee beans eaten by the Civet cat. The taste gets often described as earthy and smooth and less bitter than regular coffee. During the tastery you can overlook the Jungle.

After you enjoyed this, you are going to a very popular view point. Here you can see the beautiful Mount Batur while breakfast is getting served!

When you say Kintamani you directly thinking about beautiful Instagram pictures, well we do to! The next stop is Balong Taro, where they have perfect attributes for the perfect Bali-photo. After you refreshed yourself in de pool you can make pictures on a big Baliswing or nest. The nature is beautiful so no failed photos here.

A must see are the Rice Terraces.  You will have a little adventure and cycle along the fields. It’s not that easy so hang on!

After all the cycling we will welcome you to our traditional Balinese lunch. The most delicious food of the locals made for you. Bon apetit!