Aerial Silks Basics with Egwin Ertl & Nicole


Sat 08 February | 01:00 PM
The Yoga Barn

Content and structural overview:
⋄  Introduction to the apparatus (aerial silks) and safety
⋄  Warm up and gentle mobilization on the ground
⋄  Warm up with the silks
⋄  Recovery between acts
⋄  Different climbs on the silks
⋄  Foot-locks, poses in the knot, inversions
⋄  Short sequence to put it all together in a flow

Aerial silks is a beautiful acrobatic discipline that trains strength, focus and flexibility. The workshop is a practical introduction into the basics of this wonderful art-form teaching conditioning exercises, climbs as well as first simple techniques and poses on the silks. We will weave it all together in a short sequence of poses that flow into each other. If you are new to aerial silks this will give you a good overview. If you do have prior experience with this art form you can also expect duo poses if you fancy trying them.

Egwin Ertl is an international coach, trainerand speaker for 20 years with an extensive background in therapy, dance, martial arts, energy work, meditation, somatic education, sports and acrobatics. He is the founder of Beyond Systems a system free approach to the development of movement and consciousness. 
Nicole is a certified pole and aerial instructor and a passionate performer. As an artist she combines flowing movements and expression and as an instructor she promotes proper technique and body awareness in her classes. Together they perform and teach as aerial duo.