Art of Sound Healing with Agustian Supriatna


Mon 27 January | 07:30 PM
The Yoga Barn

This special night event is a magical music concert that will take the audience on a healing journey with sanskrit mantras, sufi chanting and Javanese ancient lullabies. Agustian will play various music instruments; Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), Suling (Sundanese bamboo), Karinding (Sundanese bamboo jaw harp), Tabla (Indian drum), Gambus (Sumatrans oud), Ngoni (West African harp) and Tibetan singing bowls.

The music is composed by Agustian Supriatna himself using his life experience born as a traditional healer in Lampung south Sumatra. He will sing and play the instruments accompanied by other musicians in this concert.

“Art is from love and reflection from spiritual awareness” as an artist and musician, I got my inspiration from the nature, as we are part of the nature it self. I become the instrument and medium of high conciousness, through art and music and when i am able to share to the people then I feel my purpose in this life. - Agustian Supriatna

Agustian Supriatna is an Ubud based artist who has founded and performed in numerous bands. Agustian is also a renowned painter and sculptor, having exhibited his work in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. His art and music is influenced by nature and the daily life. Agustian was born as a healer from the shaman and healer decendence family. He spent his childhood deep in the jungle area of Lampung region in the south of Sumatra, growing up along the Besay River. It was this experience that gave him the strong connection to nature explored in his art and music.