Higher Self Sound Healing A Day to Connect with Your Soul as You Never Have Before with Satyatma & Didi


Tue 04 February | 10:00 AM
The Yoga Barn

In this workshop,  we will:
⋄  Learn the actual nature of the soul, according to yoga philosophy
⋄  Learn what the Higher Self actually is
⋄  Learn the nature of the non-physical worlds of light in which the higher Self dwells
⋄  Learn how you can live as your higher Self on earth
⋄  Receive guidance on letting go of all that is blocking us from our own higher selves
⋄  Be safely guided by divine spiritual guides through meditation and sound healing to meet with and merge with your own higher Self as you never have before

For more information and experience of this work prior to the workshop, please attend one Satyatma’s classes at The Yoga Barn in January: 
Mondays   |   10:45 am – Mystic MondaysTuesdays   |    5:30 pm – Higher Self MeditationFridays      |   10:45 am – Spirituality of Yoga

Satyatma began his spiritual path with a spontaneous and extremely powerful Kundalini Awakening in September 1995. Since then, He has been a Student and a Teacher of Truth, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Psychology, and Philosophy and how to apply them in daily lifefor personal tansformation and real results.Didi has trained as a Gong Master with Sanjay Hall and has also received training in Reiki and Kundalini yoga. 
Didi conducts her sessions with sensibility and intuition. Through her angelic voice, she channels Mantras with love and grace. Her voice is well known and sought after by Yoga Barn regulars. Didi is above all a compassionate space holder for those in need of healing and release.