Painting Class with Rio at Akasha


Recurring Event
Newearth Haven

Invite your entire being to learn and take part in learning the fundamental ways of painting nature-based illustration art. You’ll learn how to speak through the brush strokes and discover how fun and rewarding it can be.

We’ll also explore ways of meditating on the various kinds of colors and shapes, recalling ancient cultures and peoples whose main purpose of creating art was for meditation and story-telling.

In this workshop, we are going to be using watercolor paper as a medium to learn how to paint with watercolor, ink, and markers.

We will be focusing on the basic ways how to hold the brush, while maintaining a steady breath and good feeling as we lay stroke by stroke of color and shape onto the paper. The main focus will be on yourself, for it is you alone who will be learning from yourself how to paint with all of your heart.


Rio will introduce you to the basic understanding of how to draw and paint, after that your own journey starts.

-Rio's Bio-

I was born and raised in an engineering family, but I love to mingle and work in the art world. I’ve been involved in visual arts and music for the past 10 years, balancing intuition and logical reason to create beauty in harmony. I look forward to sharing my understanding of this with all of you.


• • •

Contribution 250K IDR per class, which includes a 50K voucher redeemable at Akasha Restaurant

You will need to purchase a one time material package (including paper, brushes, watercolor & markers for you to keep and use at home and for following classes) at 350K IDR*

*Please pre-order to ensure availability